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Salon performance ? want that just-back from-the-hairdressers look in between salon visits? Well, you can with Rapunzel. The brush?s smart bristle technology polishes your hair and leaves it with that smooth ?n? sleek look you only get from your hair salon.

Anti-static ? fly-away, hair-raising experiences? Not a chance with this rather clever brush, because it?s smartly designed with an earth neutral strip, so that you?ll never experience that irritating static effect while brushing your hair.

Easy to clean ? when hair gets trapped in a brush it can be tricky to clear but Rapunzel comes with a detachable solution: a handy ?mini-me? comb that quickly dislodges loose hair captured within the bristles. When done, it simply slots back into its inconspicuous hold in the handle.

Ergonomic design ? the handle is shaped to fit snugly in the palm of your hand for maximum grip, comfort and manipulation. Little but important features like these make styling quick and easy with Rapunzel.

Shiny finish ? because the bristles of the Rapunzel brush are positioned at opposing angles, each stroke delivers a natural shine to your hair. The result is a healthy-looking glow that?s all yours.

Heat resistant ? prefer to blow dry your hair with the heat setting on your hairdryer on hot? Not a problem. Because Rapunzel can withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees there?s no risk of hair meltdown.

Water resistant ? detangling your hair while it?s wet, like in the shower or after a swim, won?t harm your brush (or hair) because Rapunzel is totally water resistant. So, styling your hair is never a wash-out.

All hair types ? thick, thin, long or curly, Rapunzel works miraculously on all hair types and textures, including Afro, Asian or European. It detangles knotty nightmares gently and quickly, even when used on hair extensions.

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